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  1. I have been paper trading for the past 6 months and it has gone really well. I am looking to scalp trade for 2 - 4 ticks at a time using limit orders for entries and exits.

    I have read a lot over the past few weeks about latency issues when taking short term trades. I did a speed test and included the link below. Are these speed results sufficient for my strategy?
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  3. 21 ms ping time is very fast. Are you located close to the place you were pinging? What kind of internet service do you have?
  4. 21 is very fast. It occured to me that the place I was pinging was too close so I did another test and came up with new results.

    I'm from Ottawa, Canada and for this test I pinged a server in Chicago. Here are my new results:


    I have a wireless internet provider as I live on a golf course and the township didnt alow for underground or above ground wires for cable. Ugh. So do dont have the option to upgrade or I would.

    I am also using a wireless router within my home. I plan to hook my trading desktop directly to the router itself to hopefully reduce my latest latency result. Additionally im going to have a ststic IP put into place.

    My Desktop is Barand new.

    Quad Core processors
    6GB RAM
    640 GB Harddrive

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    It was valid. His point is that if you are entering orders by hand then the latency speed is almost irrelevant.
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