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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Joe, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Joe


    Ok, guys here is the thing. I have cable and I pay the extra money so that I have access to the "upgraded" speed. Here is my question, when I go to the site below (Vonage), to test my speed; it tells me that my download speed is 5mbps. And if you look at the bottom in the white box it says that it will take 2 seconds to download a 1MB file. Umm, if I have 5mbs shouldn't it take me less than a half of a second? Most people would say so what?? but sometimes I download some huge movies/mp3s. What’s going on do I really have a download speed of 500k or do I have 5mbs; I am paying for the 5mbs.

  2. balda


    5mbps = 625kbt per second

  3. Joe


    5mbs doesn't that mean, 5 mega bytes a second?
    Also what is kbt, kilo byte transfer?
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  5. 5 mega-bits-per-sec
    5 mbps

    5 * 1024 / 8 = 640 kilo-bytes-per-sec kbyte/sec

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    Thanks guys.
  7. Josh009


    i've used the speedtest on vonage's site, and i think it's unreliable. (hence, the crappy quality on my vonage voice lines)
    try other speedtest sites, like

    Couple more places to test your upload and download speed.

    I was told by my provider that when you pay for a certain amount of speed, that will only happen under optimal conditions, which isn't very often. I'm paying for 1.5 MBPS, but my tests consistently show anywhere from 1MBPS to 1.2 MBPS.