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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by jcl, Feb 1, 2012.

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    I'm looking for 1-minute price data for major indices and commodities such as SPX500, DOW, NASDAQ, Oil, Gold, Silver. Does anyone know a source where this data can be downloaded copyright-free? I can download price data from FXCM, but they only have prices from 2009 on, and I need 2002-2008.
  2. I highly doubt this data is available for free anywhere unless there are online forums that I haven't heard about where members trade their own data they've accumulated for free. I've never heard of it supplied online from a website for free, and most especially copyright-free.

    If you get a subscription to IQFeed, you could probably get the 1min data, but it certainly wouldn't be copyright-free, ie. it's only for your own personal use and you wouldn't be able to publish it on a website, etc.
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    Ah, I feared that. I would indeed like to freely publish it on my website, but it seems that I'm restricted to 2009+ data in that case.
  4. Can you give a link where FXCM says you can download copyright free data? I also highly doubt that they would provide this.
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    It's in their API license. Downloading the price data is an API function and covered by the license.