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    Does anybody any good provider of intraday tick by tick (or every 1 minute) future data for the past several years ? I'm particularly interested by Asian future indicies (Nikkei, Kospi, HSI...). I'd like to be able to download all these data into a file.

    I'd like something like:
    17Apr09 15:10PM NKY 9000
    17Apr09 15:09PM NKY 8990
    17Apr09 15:08PM NKY 8990
    17Apr09 15:07PM NKY 8950
    01Feb00 09:01PM NKY 19510
    17Feb00 09:00PM NKY 19500

    I have checked the websites of eSignal, CSI, DTN IQ, Quotes-plus, Reuters Datalink etc and nothing seems to provide what I want : I found either only open/close values for the past decades, or intraday data for only the past few months...

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