Downfall of America, is it possible?

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Does the downfall of America seem a possibility

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  1. Looking at what is happening in Egypt and other Arab nations, it puts into perspective the possibility of the taking down of the US government. What we see in Wisconsin could be a small taste of what could happen.

    Would our Military shoot its own citizens? Egypt's Army did not. Think about it, if our country becomes a big economic mess will our Men and women who serve in the Armed forces shoot its own family members and friends? or the neighbor across the street? Knowing well that they have family members of their own in similar situations?

    Once the Armed forces side with the populace, no technology, no stealth bombers,etc.. is a match for losing the hearts and mind of the actual men and women who control these strategic assets.

    My theory is instead of a civil war, you get a government implosion. What if 30-40 years down the line the general population figure out that Congress,politicians really serve the same minority?

    What do you guys think? The events in the middle east open up a possibility of our own countries government collapsing not in civil war but in the majority population pushing back, and the men and women of the Armed forces not willing to shoot women,children and men who are the majority in order to serve the interests of a minority inclusive group.

  2. it depends what you mean by populace, do you mean the union or tea party people, because right now there are 70k union workers surrounding the capitol. Are they the "populace"?

    If the military is strict in its military discipline, that means they can only answer to 1 commander in chief, and that's Barack Obama. The commander in chief of the Union commands the troops of the Union and whoever commands the troops crushes all his opponents.
  3. I mean the general population.

    Lets say U6 reaches 40% or higher, US government no longer able to keep paying unemployment benefits etc.. 30 year bonds hit 12-15% due to loss of confidence in our dollar huge fuel and food inflation, states defaulting etc. This means local police strikes etc.. Such scenarios are possible. At some point the general population decides that voting for politicians is a futile process and they decide to take a different route. Will the Armed forces side with the small inclusive minority or with the general populace.

    Remember the men and women who serve our armed forces are the children of the poor and middle class families, not the elite rich.

    Forget Tea party,republicans or democrats. They pretty much are different faces on the same coin.
  4. Popular revolutions come from the <b>young people</b>, so our current (graying) demographics favor the politician-leeches staying right where they are, unfortunately.
  5. Would our Military shoot its own citizens? --------------------------

    Hate to say this... but... we could have a race issue in this situation.

    Use your imagination. We could face a multifaceted crisis along politcal lines, the haves and the have nots and a racially divided military.
  6. That's right. It's a reason why they'll never re-instate a military draft; we all got a good look at what fury that unleashed 40+ years ago.

    I'm still of the opinion, that the transformation of the American political scene is a few years off when this current college age generation starts muscling into the political arena. They are experiencing the sky high unemployment, the generous retirement packages for the boomers and escalating cost of living with an enormous debt burden.

    Once they coalesce in mass, an entirely different type of politician will emerge. In a way, the fact that the current President is viewed with increasing disfavor by these idealists is a good thing. They will increasingly move towards a third party.
  7. I wish Ron Paul was better looking, taller, and smoother tongued. As it stands, the only politician actually qualified to lead us remains unelectable for bullshit reasons. Put Ron Paul in George Clooney's body & face, and we'd have a winner!

  8. Well that's one indication things are going SNAFU in egypt.
  9. I guess jewish pigs like you just can't help yourselves.
  10. The flaw is that the USA is a democracy, and the politicians people love to smear are directly chosen by the people. If you don't like it, get out there and win an election yourself, and change the system.

    Sitting in a free country moaning about the system, whilst not doing anything to change it, is the height of spoiled, privileged, bellyaching nonsense. Arabs are currently dying to get something remotely close to that privilege, and all you can do is whine about it and ludicrously try to equate yourself to suffering under repressive dictatorships. Sorry but I'm not buying it for a second, you are acting like a spoiled irresponsible brat.

    If someone posted that Wal-Mart had a crappy selection of goods at high prices, then they would rightly be told to go out and do it better if they think they can. Why is it any different in politics? Politicians have the most difficult and important job on earth.
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