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    It's been a year now.

    Where are the results?

    Everyone on earth practicing SCT?

    Where are the million, billion, trillion-aires tonight?

    Have the compounders been confounded?
  2. Maybe you haven't heard but when Haley's comet came back they all dressed up in purple jogging suits, held their FTT gold medallions in their hands and all of them said goodbye to this world.

    Jack Hershey stayed behind and is a greeter at the wal-mart in Phoenix.
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    I am often the last to know. Thanks for the info. I'll stop by and put a few coins in Jack's kettle.
  4. lol, you guys are killing me.:D
  5. As an intimate friend of both Jack and Spyder I can tell you they both know how to get results
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    You can see profits posted throughout the Journal.
    more will be posted from this point on:

    Not everyone is practicing SCT yet. At least not me.

    Here's the Index to the Journal:
  7. Playback of Friday. ES price and volume alongside Spyder's chart for comparison.

    Total time 4 min.

    the above was taken from spydertraders journal thingy..

    first i admit that i think this sct stuff is crap but trying to be objective i will tell you scientifically why.

    if you look at what they have posted here see their perfect after the fact drawing of all their little lines? now watch the video of the tick playback, notice that the bars are different.

    the compression i know is different cause the chart is compressing to scale as it builds. what i am talking about is you will see that there are open and closes and highs and lows that are different. the data that esignals and other data vendors supply is buffered and typically a best effort.

    when relying on highs lows of a bar to draw lines its all going to fail apart that is the fallacy with line drawing methods. you can trust the volume to be transmitted accurately as well this clearly shows a lack of separation from real world trading.

    in the real world you would know these things because you would have lost real money trying them. in short you can not trade using anything that is more than a general mean of the data.

    i can talk lots more on this if be needed.

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    Here, I'll save everybody some time. The typical progression of these threads:

    Jack Hershey hater: "You guys are dumb and never make any money. I'm the world's greatest trader and have a closed mind."

    Jack Hershey defender: "No, you're dumb. I'm the world's greatest trader and you're just jealous".

    Jack Hershey hater: "Are not"

    Jack Hershey defender: "Are too"

    and so on, and so on. A very interesting drama but I've summarized it for the Readers Digest crowd.
  9. Yes, posts for shock value. Jack is an attention seeker, who loves to revel in the adulation of adoring novices. He runs away at the sound of "and now, how about some independent monitoring of your trade claims?"

  10. Hi Mark, That is my post and I was using it as a review of Friday december 14.

    Here are a bunch of videos Mark that I have contributed from past months so get a big bag of popcorn and settle in tonight.

    Video link 1:

    Video link 2:

    Video link 3:

    Viedo link 4:

    Video link 5:

    Video link 6 :

    Video link7:

    Video link 8:

    Video link 9:

    Video link 10:

    Video link 11:

    Video link 12:

    Now I am not going to defend Jack and Spydertrader because they are big boys and can handle themselves.
    I will say at least view all the work I have done, and at least read all 215 or so posts I have done, because you will find I worked professionally for a year and contributed to the very best efforts I could forward.

    After you read all my posts and view all videos I have contributed , come back and post anything you would like to about all my contributions.

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