Down Goes Florida!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by waggie945, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. The Big Sports Machine of the Orange State goes down to a lowly private school ( Manhattan ) with an enrollment of just 3,144 students, 75-60.
  2. Looks like UAB is the biggest "Bracket-Buster" of them all!

    First Stanford.
    And now Kentucky!

  3. Maverick74


    Waggie I told all my friends that Florida was going to lose in the first round. They are horrible this year. Absolutely no leadership to speak of. They lost their best player midseason when he decided to leave the team and play pro ball in Spain. I knew there was problems when that happened. In fact, I was shocked to see Florida make it to the SEC championship game, I had them losing the first round there too. These kids Billy Donavan is recruiting are not tough, they have no fight in them. It's really disgusting to see so many talented kids with no desire what so ever to win. But such is life. Hopefully Donavan will understand this and start to recruit kids with heart and toughness instead of shooting skills. We can only hope.