Down & Dirty . . .

Discussion in 'Trading' started by waggie945, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Thank you Alan!

    Gotta love that last hour in the S&P!!!

  2. T-REX


    Alan Straight Dissed me!

    I had a quick scalp working and got stopped out when he opened his mouth!

    Thank You Alan!:p

  3. Mecro



    NYSE still blew. Getting short when prices are falling is quite difficult. Gotta love the price improvement short rips.

    Anyway, I thought the rate hikes were already priced in. I pretty much expected what Alan was gonna babble. Who was actually selling?
  4. Gotta be in the ES my friend, gotta be in the ES!

    Alan did not even touch upon Monetary Policy, he was just speaking about the Banking System today!

  5. Mecro


    The real answer is to be in hot moving markets and those are definitely not in the US.

    But I still wonder who was dumping because of interest hike fears. Anyone smart, would have sold days ago since it was obvious that Alan is only going to hint toward higher rates.

    Someone got very screwed today.
  6. pspr


    Tomorrow Alan will say, "I was just kidding yesterday!" (As his friends cover their puts and buy calls.) :D
  7. i covered a nice short around 3 PM EST, but i'm still pissed because i missed the last hour sell off. :eek: :mad:
  8. Mecro


    You mean you managed to scramble together enough change to put you over the 2k requirement with IB?
  9. you flat out don't know wtf you're talking about. you're a negative pos with a bad attitude. i'm basically a real life Rocky.

    fyi, i'm already up over 21% just in April alone.
  10. VOLUME


    Gordon, since you're telling everyone your % gains you should also tell us your account size.

    Percentages mean very little if the account is very little.

    P.S.-- Not flaming, just questioning.
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