Down again.....buying opportunity???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Jun 7, 2007.

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    Is this a buying opportunity or the chance to buy here and sell the rallies and repeat the process until the market finds a direction.

    As bearish as I am why do I have this feeling that these markets will come back even stronger over the next 10 trading days only to break new highs.

    This market is getting very complicated. After a few record highs on the s&p it has given up all its gains.

    One thing I'm looking foward to is turning on cnbc tonight and watching all the talking heads and what they think the outcome will be over the next few days and weeks ahead. cnbc is going to make my day even brighter.
  2. It is a buying opp, BUT you have to learn how to lose money to make money. I bought some MA at 110 months fell to 90...but I held it.

    If you go long now you can't let an additional 4% sell off markets stop you out. (but this depends on your trading style..the more leverage the less leeway you have)
  3. No dont buy here. Wait until the S&P500 retraces to lip of last cup.
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    Probably depends on your timeframe;
    SPY may let us know something soon, its real near 50dma.

    The downtrend in FEB, many stayed below 50dma, about a month.
  9. Made SWEEEEET COIN today, but now on the sidelines wondering if we are oversold shortterm??? 1489 looks good to buy but cant pull the trigger:cool:
  10. There's further correction ahead, IMO.

    Just look at bond yields - up, and moving higher.
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