Down 2% per annum - 20k followers

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    Welcome to the - social times.

    Persons track record :
    (check year prior)

    Teaching people to trade :

    Shared video , year ago, on how to do it :

    Present day, - down 2%.

    Checked out who is he copying. Folks are underperforming the market. One guy calls himself Index-Trader, only 0.31% per annum.

    Still down on commisions my guess.

    Disclaimer :
    he looks like a good guy, but, theres little of correlation for that and Mr Market.

    @bone - business oportunity.
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  2. He is not trying to make $ off investing but off his YouTube channel.
    I used to follow an guy called Financial Education back in 2017 when I was a noob. Total failure at the time, had me buying GoPro at $15 all the way down to sub $10 with him. Then I realized none of these guys know what the heck they are doing.
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    I guess, he is trying in both ways, just the first one isn't for him.

    me too :)

    Remember GPRO when it was at $7 or $5.
    Failed drone etc. Never took a real trade back then.

    But Jeremy is up 50% per annum, based on his words(?)

    Don't know his track record. He is for the show tho, thats for sure.

    1,5 yrs not following, lots of nonsense & speculation, sometimes looks like adds...

    He also claims, that he is a value investor, tho hes taking swings. Must be using TA as well, just keeps that from public.
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    What the hell is this guy, and what is he on about? He's showing people who are making PnL of .60, a dollar, 5 dollars, and their accounts are showing swings of 20% gains and losses? Good grief.

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    lol :thumbsup:

    ,,would you look at that, $1, $2..."



    Im thinking about ,,All time gurus" tread, where people would vote, for the title, of the best Educator.

    Then we could buy a Trophy, write a diploma & send that stuff to the winner.

    Nice add for ET as well, increase in traffic etc...:rolleyes:
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