Dow´s best October ever....

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  1. With a little more than two trading days left in the month, it is shaping up to be the best October ever for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. And that is saying something, since the Dow has existed since 1896, 115 years ago.

    As of mid-day trading on Thursday, the Dow INDU is ahead more than 11% for the month. The previous record for the month of October was held by 1982, when the Dow turned in a 10.7% return. That’s an auspicious historical precedent, since that month came very early in that decade’s spectacular bull market which, arguably, didn’t end until nearly 20 years later.

    The stock market’s impressive rally in recent weeks has confirmed the wisdom of those advisers who, in early October, urged investors to get a jump start on the so-called Halloween Indicator. That indicator, of course, is based on the stock market’s seasonal pattern to turn in its best returns between Halloween and the subsequent May Day. Their advice is motivated in part by the growing popularity of this indicator, which means that more and more investors are jumping the gun and not waiting until Halloween to get back into the stock market.

    Those early birds have certainly gotten the worm this year.

    - Mark Hulbert

    What has Zerohedge to say about this?

    The short answer: GAME OVER !


  2. It's a seasonal thing. I wouldn't be surprised if the rally continues to year end, albeit with some consolidation/drawdowns/gap-filling along the way. Don't expect November-December to be this strong.

    All the seasonal factors lined up: it's a pre-election year (hasn't been a losing one in like 8 decades), there was a big drop in early October (leads to a bigger Fall/Santa rally), etc.

    2012 will be a whole different game. Remember, 2008 and 2000 were election years, and they weren't nice to stocks.
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    All the World's Economic problems have been solved in less than 2 days. We're going to see a 500 point jump today by close. Oh, Happy Days. We've gone from Recession to Ebullient Bull Market in a matter of Days. Debt worries ? What are they ? Just keep kicking the can, and the market will run. I've never seen the CNBC anchors more giddier in my life. Who cares about friggin' jobs, if your 401K gained 3.5 % today ? This amazes me to no end.
  4. How much did Hulbert make?

  5. There are ALOT of trend-chasing fools and idiots out there...

    That is what has caused this illogical nonsense move.

  6. To Short More??
  7. In other words, you're short and pretty far into the red right now...
  8. How long will it take for some people to learn how the markets operate? Politicians issue verbal support at summits and then instruct the people they control to buy. Then they brag for the markets liking their decisions.

    Does anyone have an estimate how many funds, especially in Europe, have been instituted with politician money or interests?

    All that talk about indicators is the most foolish thing I have ever heard.
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    and when this funds screwed up they take public funds to top it up and if u don't like it they get the cops on u, whichever way, its no win situations
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    Best October ever ... is it?

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