Dow Will Fall to 6,300 by Year End: Portfolio Manager

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    “I think we go below the double dip,” Lekas told CNBC. “By year-end, we drop below 6,300 on the Dow and by 2011, we’re at 4,200.”
  2. no way
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    Not happening, its impossible for it to happen when monopoly money can prop up the entire global market. As long as they can print worthless dollars the bulls will win no matter what.

    DOW 10K next week. Maybe even this week.

  4. That is a bold prediction, not saying it is impossible. Some of the other bears state march was the low( Faber, Tudor, etc.)

    However, his comment about NFP is correct, it is the key.
  5. Dow will see the 2007 highs before the lows. On the way down no body said we will go back up to test the highs!
  6. Tudor? Really? When did he say that? I didn't think he every gave interviews, I would like to see it or read the transcript if you know where it is.


  7. Recent news report saying stocks were likely to fall from Tudor Invest. Mgmt. Bloomberg, I think a couple of months back. I'll try to locate it.
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    Yep. If the market dips, buy. If the market doesn't dip, buy. Trading made simple. We are not going down this year beyond anything more than a mild correction and even that may not happen. Just buy. It's easy money.

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