Dow up 90 points, spooz only down 4

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock_trad3r, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. as much as the random idiots here are slandering you on a constant basis, youve been right more often than wrong recently.
  2. When the spooz futures were down 35 points last night I stuck to my convictions and it was right again. I know that this market is vastly oversold for no good reason, which is why we keep rebounding. Dip buyer will be rewarded greatly in the coming months.
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    dont worry the s&p will soon be below 1250...
  4. what did you buy last night? Futs or individual stocks?

  5. I'm a buy & holder. I was fully vested last night so I didn't buy anything. I plan to liquidate everything wed. and stick it all in VISA stock w/ margin maybe.
  6. If your conviction was so strong last night, you should have loaded up. Im not sure I understand how you can claim such strong conviction and not add to your positions.

  7. I was maxed out. not like I could sell anyway.
  8. AHAHHAHAHA...oh my god, i'm in pain from laughing so are a riot Alice...
  9. very nice action indeed. 1270 held again. follow through tommorrow would be nice. stock you made a nice call.
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