Dow up 500++ after House vote

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  1. No way it doesn't pass this time around. They went around and added a bunch of crap so they could guarantee a pass.
  2. i want this doubly because of the ITC add-on for renewables. have a few shares of ENER.
  3. No vote yet..time 2 cover

    dow 11500 soon

    We're still in the new era of globalism, hypercapitalism, smartism, and consumerism. Need to bailout the financials. Need to go long. Need to increase the debt and drive the dollar lower. Falling dollar and rising debt good for large cap stocks.
  4. Great call!!!

    Thank you very much
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  5. DOW about to go red.
  6. capmac


    DOW 11K after it passes !!!!


  7. S2007S


    You meant 10k.
  8. Markets sould be up much more now. The senate vote was expected; the house wasn't.
  9. Mav88


    hey stock trad3r, 100% down room to go.
  10. yes it was
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