Dow up 250 Pts 10/17/07

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  1. Who is with me?? Its going to be the news tommorow
  2. Sobieski


    if it finishes down again will you go away?
  3. Sobieski


    sorry, I thought you were someone else...
    my apologies
  4. gangof4


    it's the parade of pointless threads like this that drive away anyone worth having on et.
  5. Sobieski


    oh dear, the precious dow really doesn't like being above 14,000, does it?

    looks like the smart money was waiting for that level to go short.
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    how's this prediction looking now?
  7. Sobieski


    buy this dip!
  8. I thought this was going to be the first time in quite awhile that the market didn't crumble after INTC's earnings report. But it looks like the streak continues unbroken.

    So although my S&P puts did nicely today, my Chinese shorts are not doing as well. FXI (Chinese ETF) is still up 6% for the day. Dow is down 122, S&P down 10.
  9. Predictions went wron gwith economic data.. Hope Fridday it may be true..
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