DOW UP 22 OUT OF 25, longest streak since 1929!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, May 3, 2007.

  1. S2007S


    40th record closing tonight.....
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  3. john12


    the crash off the top will startle all wether its from here or 14k or 15k. this is the final blowoff of an almost 5 year bull run on top of 18 years from 1982-2000.
  4. considering everybody and their mama is calling for a correction, i hardly think it will startle everyone.
  5. Jaxon


    The string of consecutive up days is impressive and sobering, as is the upward plodding low volatility nature of the market, but how can we call this overdone??

    2004 +3.14%
    2005 -.61%
    2006 +16.29 %
    2007 ytd +6.24%

    When not so long ago, we had:

    1994 +4.8%
    1995 +30.06%
    1996 +26.01%
    1997 +22.64%
    1998 +16.1%
    1999 +25.22%

    Sure, it could all end tomorrow.... or next week, or next month, but it could also keep going for 3 or 4 more years.
  6. great point. this # of up days speaks more of lack of volatility than it does 'blow off top'.

    remember how weak the dollar is...

    Its not a blowoff top anyway -- this is still a market you can do well shorting stocks.
  7. Still waiting for the inevitable drop...Boy, what a jinx when you see the years 1929 and 1987 compared. Hopefully, my DXD strategy will pay off but market may see 13,500 or 14k the way things are going. Bulls still win for now....