Dow under 13000, the floor is about to fall out, oh the humanity!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jreynolds212, Jan 4, 2008.

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  2. ark


    I'm currently long. Still, I'm calm & cool.. I could be very wrong and my positions would be auto-liquidated. We'll see how this goes..
  3. hang in there ARK,hope it works out. i do not like to see any of you guys lose money.
  4. Yeah, for how long under 13k before it gets pumped higher....I wouldn't mind an early morning dip trap and a close at session lows.

    Very doubtful...I need better bargains...
  5. ark


    In fact, I've got positions in the YMH8 on the opening day, at near highs. It's definitely looking nasty. All part of trading. No worries. *lol*
  6. Jreynolds, you have a surprising talent of posting nothing but emotion in the subject of a new thread, and following it up with nothing other than a smiley face.

    I'm beginning to worry, because my ignore list is getting full.
  7. Exactly! Empty posts are nothing but a mindless waste of other's times. If I hear one more person who "knows that from here, that market X can only tank/soar" I think I will scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. "Oh the humanity" Too much led zeppelin.
  9. empee


    I know from here, that market X can only tank/soar!!!
  10. Shagi


    His assessment is correct on the technical side the Dow is down 125points, a measly 18k jobs for the world biggest economy the worst since 2003, as far as jobs this is as bas as it gets, dont hold your breath for a rally

    #10     Jan 4, 2008