Dow TOP call - 10yr top formation done

Discussion in 'Trading' started by deadbroke, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. Dow Jones (aka US Dollar's butler) Short call in effect NOW

    5-min. chart closing basis Short entry @ 10,372.8 (triggered already.)

    5-min. chart add to Short @ close below 10,350 (not triggered yet)

    60-min. chart add to extant 5-min. chart Short @ close below 10,130 (not triggered yet)

    Daily chart timeframe - already Short (triggered already on April 27, this year)

  2. Right or wrong, the call will not be like that of other cocksuckers here.

    400,000 views of a call like this ...

    "fellas, Dow's gonna dump at 2:30"

    never mind missing the forest for the trees, these mothers don't even see the alveoli of the leaves of the twigs of the branches of the trees.

    no wonder America is up shit creek with dopey assholes like the one who makes such calls. A fckin disgrace.

    And I came here to learn from these retards.


    Thank God for the black guy in the Whitehouse - may he live a long life and serve more than 2 terms, possibly for the next 20 years. :) :D


    full analysis follows, including pitfalls I see and the margin of error
  3. Margin of error:

    Margin of error is miniscule in comparison to MY premise that a historic 10-yr duration topping formation is now in its final throes

    Current rally target box as shown in chart below is ensconsed between the 50% and 61.8% Fibs of the grid from April - July

    the Top is already in as of Tuesday's close

    OR Dow goes to 50% fib @ 10,453

    OR Dow goes to 61.8% fib @ 10,654

    Dow could reach up and kiss the 50% and then charge south for good OR he could head to 61.8% the outer limit of my MARGIN OF ERROR.


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  4. I don't know why people are so impervious to the double bottom formation that is developing on most indices...
  5. Not tonight, BrokeDick. The Doaksicator just turned green.
  6. DealBroke: Draw your line from top of second week of May instead of end of april top. Please repost.
  7. Sorry for the near double post... But, because what we're seeing is a double bottom, here's where the S&P500, Dow Jones, and the NASDAQ Composite will be heading:

  8. The Dow Jones Yearly chart from 1700s would give the clear view of the EMPIRE buster that I've called in my TA thread. CALL is still valid.

    But for now let's just take the monthly for the beautiful topping pattern. As you know ANY trend of consequence ought to have a clearly defined topping pattern; this one is a beaut.

    Things to take note of

    (1) Downsloping neckline is super bearish

    (2) Macd in lower panel shows the magnitude of downward force on PRICE even in the face of the rally from March 2009.

    (3) The histogram's bars to the downside are much, much larger than those of the rally bars from the Mar 2009 low.

    (4) Macd's lower high and lower low on this monthly foretell the trend.

    (5) The right shoulder is close enough in height to be considered a clean pattern overall.

    (6) Not shown is the volume which as you've already heard me say mannny times, is meagre. This total drying up of volume is a requirement for a H&S pattern.

    (7) On this frame, we await the breaking of the neckline.

    (8) Once broken Dow targets are

    4000 ... = uptrendline from 1974

    2325 .. = previous 4th wave of lesser degree

    615 .. = previous 4th wave of lesser degree

    MY call is 615 is the final destination!


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  9. Hadda draw it on a log scale ta scrunch it up enuf ta make it work, huh?
  10. Additional calls as per my TA thread

    America's current single suzerain will be replaced by approx. 6 suzerains, Texas being one for sure, when secession occurs. Secession expected between 2011-16.

    Unemployment will reach 38.2%

    Never mind the clowns like Greece, spain, Italy, Portugal, wait for eastern euro countries to start falling and then the 2 biggies, Russia and UK to go bankrupt.

    All info already in this thread .... and as you can see Spain et al that I mentioned are already in progress. Call was made in Oct 2009
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