Dow to rally 1000 points!!

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    You heard that right, cramer says get ready for a 1000 point rally in the dow once Gaddafi leaves, funny thing is the dow has fallen maybe a few hundred points since this started and after it ends he thinks the dow could go above 13k, pretty funny. So I guess the bulls can sit back yet again buy the dips and wait for all those tensions on the other side of the world to go away and you will get the 1000 point rally you have all been hoping for!!!!

    Cramer: Post-Gaddafi, Dow to Rally 1,000 Points
    Published: Monday, 7 Mar 2011 | 7:38 PM ET
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    By: Drew Sandholm
    Web Producer

    The Dow could rally as much as 1,000 points, Cramer said Monday, as soon as Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi loses power.

    Until the Libyan unrest is resolved, though, Cramer thinks oil prices will continue to climb. The "Mad Money" host said there's a strong possibility oil could soon soar to $147 a barrel, the same level at which oil peaked in 2008. Should that happen, companies would likely cut estimates, sending stocks lower. It seems the markets are being held hostage to Gaddafi and the Middle East, Cramer said, but we've seen it before.

    In fall 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. Stocks rallied on every rumor — that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was going to pull out of Iraq, for example, or that there was an internal revolt in Iraq. When these rumors proved not to be true, stocks fell. On Monday, stocks rallied on reports Gaddi planned to leave Libya. The market fell when it learned the news was bogus.

    How do we break this pattern? Like Saddam, Gaddafi is unlikely to willingly leave power on his own. Cramer hopes NATO, or another military force will stand up to him. Meanwhile, he wants the U.S. government to sell oil futures, preferably the July contract. Then, the U.S. government should form an alliance with the kings of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Cramer thinks these things are within reach, but said it will require action on behalf of President Barack Obama.

    In 1990, Cramer said it was foolish to chase the rallies, but even more foolish to get out of the game. After all, when the U.S. came to the rescue, the markets rallied hard. With so much uncertainty, Cramer recommends staying cautious, but not too negative.
  2. I don't understand what the news is here or what is the value of that prediction. The market has rallied 1000 poinst since last December. It is not hard for the market to rally 1000 points and then someone say "I told you so". If he can tell the date and the time that will start, then that is a prediction. Otherwise it is dirt coming out of an as*.
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    I have a new ETF idea. It's called iShortCramer. For a small 1% tracking fee, we will buy everything he recommends selling, and short everything he recommends buying.
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    Tonight on the beginning of his show he mentioned the 1000 point rally in the dow and 90 dollar oil, said it could come as soon as early as next week. Said that the bull market would once again resume once all this tension over seas is done with.
  5. sounds good!
  6. fat finger!!! :)

    it could happen on the up side . it already happened the other way.
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    So the last 2000 dow points since September dont count

    :p :p :p :p :p
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    Cant Wait to hear what he says about todays huge sell off!!!!

    Guarantee today he says market is going lower, all he does is switch his opinion on an a minute to minute basis.
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