DOW to fall below 11k

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  1. attention swingers.............

    It appears Dow is poised to fall a few hundred points next week dipping below 11K. Should be by Thursday.

    Take any set-ups to short....i.e. fade any rallies.

    This call is yet another that i have been making using my projected price method.

    In the past, my calls have been dead on....... especially the shorts.

    I Will be shorting thats for sure!!
  2. Short the banks this week
  3. Surdo


    What are your weekly/monthly ES targets?
    I do not use the DOW as a barometer, that is a CNBC puppet head indicator bro! I agree we are going lower if we do not hold 1240 in ES.

    all i said is the dow is going to fall by about 375 pts.

    The DOW is the last thing I look at.

    I start with the geo-political out look....
    Move to international markets....
    Look at our own economic head lines....
    Scan certain sectors and industries....
    put it all up against my indicators.... and I get a certain outlook for how much and by when.

    This approach has certainly worked in the past... as it most likely will prove its self right in this instance also.

    wait and see.
  5. and no this isnt any hocus pocus magic call.......

    I have to work my ass off to come up with it...... it is broad based. So target anything that follows the Dow.
  6. congoboy


    good luck. what else did the magic ball say?

    this joker is not a trader, he is obviously predicting and to say he is going to be short as of right now till thursday is ludicrous.

    he might be right, but that is not trading, it is clearly a gamble. odds might be in this guys favor, but it is still not trading.
  7. ammo


    the 1st is friday,there may be some window dressing into thur close
  8. i give the guy (op ) credit for his calls. they are certainly well thought out and not "shots in the dark". i agree with him.
  9. contrary


    Thursday is not the end of the quarter.
  10. I neither agree or disagree tho my bias is to the downside.

    I just would like to know in case you are mistaken, what is your exit strategy?


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