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  1. In the book Trader Vic, he mentions a study he did with Ann Rand where they charted a stict interpretation of Dow Theory all the way back to 1900, classifying all primary, intermediate, and minor trends. Does anyone know if this study is available?
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    there is a book, the old one, on the Dow Theory, called "ABC of stock speculation". It compiled some work of Charles Dow.

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    Although Vic Sperandeo is quite a fan of Ayn Rand’s work, hence Ragner Options and Rand Management Corp., I don’t recall him ever stating that she had taken part in the study you’ve mentioned.

    You may be referring to an unpublished analysis that included some 90 years of data from 1897 to the time of its creation. There are two titles of which I am aware: Statistical Characterization of Stock Market Movements and A Proven Method of Economic Forecasting. The latter was co-authored by Sandra Kunze.
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    I believe there is also a mention of this (long term returns based on signals from strict interpretation of Dow Theory) in TAST by (Edwards and Magee),
  5. I can't see ayn rand herself contributing much to that study either and I've read most of her stuff. Vic no doubt did a lot of historical back testing and research but I would bet that he is simply commenting on a study that he did for himself.

    Richard Russell would probably know if that study is available somewhere. You might try this website then email the staff:

    What happened to that guy anyway? (Vic?) Haven't heard anything about him in a long time. His second book was pretty littered with bearish predictions about what Clinton was going to do the the late 90's economy so I guess he layed off of writing for a while. :eek:
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