Dow, SPY Double Top confirmed. Time to Short high fliers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ehsmama, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. ehsmama


    It was a great Day for finally shorting high fliers like SQ, ROKU, MED, LULU or any other stock up 1000% in last few years. 90% falls coming
  2. Amzn, nvda, nflx,..
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  3. tomorton


    Some reversal traders eventually strike gold and then they look like geniuses. Of course, the guys who got it wrong and were wiped out are not around to tell the newbies that reversal trading is ultra high risk.

    Anyway, I don't want to look like a genius, I want to be rich.
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  4. ehsmama


    So you think this is just a Correction? I hope you are right for your account's sake :)
  5. tomorton


    If the Dow re-prints the uptrend signals that I follow, I'll get long again. If it prints a downtrend I'll get short. No need for opinion.

    I don't own any shares but if I did they would be for life for dividend income.
  6. mbondy


    I see the market this year stuck in a wide swinging range. Not a correction.
  7. "Corrections" can be sideways trading ranges, too. Can even be "running".
  8. LOL! You probably need to look like the former before you can become the latter. :)