DOW,SP500 set up for "perfect storm" massive move onFrid.Apr 4rd after jobs report...

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  1. the market is pointing to huge move tomorrow after jobs on the sidelines and no big ARB movement today...agree?...thoughts?...really believe tomorrow will be massive sell off of weeks gains or huge rally based on report and shrugging off ole 'credit woes' very stagnant today...also Oil down only slightly, Gold up slightly and the dollar index only down slightly and Euro only up slightly...hmmm, sounds like the 'perfect storm' set-up for a huge move either way tomorrow...agree?
  2. It seems to me that it needs to sell itself before the close in order to position for either direction. Technically it seems to me that if it stays where it is, the upmove would not be high, but if there is a down move it could be big. So, I sold short the QQQQ at 45.82 with the thinking that the market will set itself lower before friday in order not to show its hand.
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    i think sideways trading same like today.

    up and down...

    - 30 K and market rallies and then selling starts and we go into negative...
  4. market so flat right now, looks like pre FOMC mtg rate announcement
  5. i agree. maybe if we lose a million jobs it'll signal a bottom and the market will go up 20% tomorrow. if however, we gain 100,000 jobs market will probably selloff. we'll see :D :D
  6. was exactly 4:00PM eastern time and the ES showed 0.00 about this post being confirmed!!!...huge move awaits tomorrow!
  7. Show me charts where days after a 0 end were followed by large moves
  8. not the point at all...the point is that the employment data at 8:30am EST will create move for rest of day...has nothing to do with simply looking at a 0 end, but it is signigicant considering tomorrow ec news.
  9. The scariest thing about this situation is that this crisis is happening and the job market is still ok. Its a sign of how completely overlered this entire system is. from the gov down to the consumer.

    There are way to many liabilities based on tiny ass cash flow.
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    Most likely going lower tomorrow, in my opinion. However, I am not positioned to either side as if this breaks out (look at the daily chart) and there is a double top that the market is trying to break out of. This could form a triple top and head lower if we head higher during the night and form it.

    Jobs situation doesn't look good, especially with jobless claims being as high as 2005 today.
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