Dow SP, Still below 20 day moving average

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by myminitrading, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Short this fat hog.
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  2. ADX weekly divergence, I just dont see it going to new highs, this sucker is pegged.
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  3. let it finish what it needs to do. its going to bust stops on the otherside now. market will be supported till 4th of july.
  4. I would have agreed with you Friday morning and yesterday afternoon.

    But today I have to say that we will surely see new highs. 100% sure. There was a piercing pattern on Friday and another one today along with a bullish engulfing.

    Not to mention the fact that 50 day ma proved to be very tough support.

    This rally also needs new bag holders that will buy once new all time highs are hit.
  5. Well buy buy buy buy
  6. 3000 Dow points in one year.
  7. Ummmm, yes.
  8. your point is? I lost 25K shorting into this market the past 2 months with that attitude.

    The market doesn't care what anyone thinks it does what it does. But it will tip its hand sometimes if you listen. I wasn't listening but I am now and I will never jump the gun, assume, get stubborn, or get angry at the market again. It's too costly.
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    yeah whats with all these permabears lately, guaranteed way of failing at trading.
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