Dow Set To Close Strong?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by DrAtomic, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. DrAtomic


    I'm Bullish till close.:D
  2. Me Too! Need to see heavy buying come in soon though (or its not gonna happen).
  3. Is this just sarcasm? Because I don't understand how you could possibly believe we'll close strong (unless you mean strong to the downside) now that the index is right at day's low.

    Why post this crap?
  4. DrAtomic


    6603 mark it. We close 100 points higher.
  5. Shaping up to be an absolutely splendid call (400 points off from your call).
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  7. showtime


    Really nailed that one, didn't ya?:confused:
  8. Its hard work trying to pick bottoms. Best to wait for some confirmation that a bottom is there.
  9. This has to Port and Stock trader 3's uncle ...or little brother:D
  10. DJIA is a stock? PPL trying to evade having their threads moved to chit chat.
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