Dow Monthly Chart - Fibonacci

Discussion in 'Trading' started by market_man76, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Interesting Dow Monthly Fibonacci

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  2. Canibus


    so then are you prepared to get short here?

    ES hit 61.8% retracement on da daily chart intraday during yesterday's session. should be long in dis on the swing trade hommie on da short term anyway.
  3. No I'm not shorting or picking tops. I don't swing trade but I was just looking at the looooong term and that chart was interesting so I'm sharing. Lets check back in a few months and see if DOW 10000 turns out to be resistance or not. 2002 high was actually 10673.
  4. good chart. actually rather bullish, long term {imho}.
  5. Looks like a sell to me.
  6. fwiw
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    i took the liberty of adding a trendline...