Dow just broke the 7000 mark. Low 6000s coming up next?

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  1. Dow just broke the 7000 mark. Low 6000s coming up next?
  2. I'm giddy as a school girl.

    Die Market Die Market
  3. 5800

    1996 highs
  4. kxvid


    Buyers strike. Who wants to buy stocks when everyday they go down? Next target -> 4400 by year's end. Another 50% yearly decline for the win.
  5. As a true value investor you shouldn't be caring where the market is going, right?
  6. let's hope...
  7. LOL, value investing is a dangerous game, just look at Buffet's move.

    nevertheless, this market is toast for a decade. Loss of confidence, OBAMA NATION etc.

    Plenty of other area's to put money to work. Smart Money, Wealthy individuals are not going to play this market.

    Liquidity is drying up,

    IMHO we may be close to the bottom, sideways after we put in a floor.

    Good buying opportunities but it's a decade play, at the earlyest.
  8. Probably better off trading it.
  9. This is the buy opportunity of the century! Even the gov't is getting in on the action.
  10. I smell a Bear "Trap".
    Am going long at 705 SPX.
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