Dow Jones worth 8 ounces of gold: Ron Paul

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  1. In this video, Ron Paul discusses that the Dow Jones index in 2000 was worth 44 ounces of gold and that today it is down to 8 and it is headed for 1 ounce of gold.

    As we can see, the stock market is still in a crash and we should be grateful for Ron Paul pointing this out to Bernanke.
  2. I thought this was suppose to be a slap in the face to Rupert Murdoch. :p
  3. So what is the worth of Nasdaq and New York stock exchange? I think Nasdaq transactions are worth $100 billion per day.
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    The proper comparison should account for the dividends that the Dow Jones paid in the last 11 years. Thats 2% a year compounded. Gold obviously doesn't pay dividends. The Dow Jones index only accounts for stock prices, not dividends paid.

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    That's a good point. But 2% annually over 11 years is only about 25%. So it would still be worth only 10 ounces of gold instead of 8.
  5. Sounds like gold is in a bubble.
  6. It is true. The Treasury sold the 3 Billion ounce or 100,000 Tons of silver they had in the 1950s, and then the 400 Million ounce silver or so strategic stockpile got sold/used up by the early 2000s.

    This shows that the Treasury had 3.28 billion ounces of silver at the end of 1942. Many people claim (a/k/a have fallen for) the U.S. having 5.9 Billion ounce of silver at one time, but that seems to include coinage (or was perhaps simply made up).

    300,000 Tons of Gold and other treasures

    This gold find in the 1940's would have crushed the value of monetary gold around the world, per Weir. Because the US Government was the largest holder of monetary gold, it would have significantly devalued the US monetary reserves if made public . Too, its revelation would allow claims from certain Asian countries that the gold belonged to them. This would upset the balance of power and wealth in the region.

    I think USA has 300,000 Tons of gold. The report says 300,000 Tons of "gold" and "other treasure". There is good possibility that there is another 100,000 to 200,000 Tons of silver. Total estimated treasure 500,000 Tons. Details are very scarce/less. Please do not give importance to this till this is confirmed.

    There are 2 possibilities:

    1) USA has large quantities of gold and silver.

    2) USA sold large quantities of gold and silver. So somebody has large quantities of gold and silver.

    So there are large quantities of gold and silver in this world which can be upto 500,000 Tons to 1 million Tons of Gold.

    Before 1950, the British were transporting gold from India to England. A big ship was loaded with gold and it set sail from India to England but this ship sank in the endless oceans/sea and disappeared. It is said that there is so much gold on this ship that if this ship is found today, the gold price will crash rock bottom. India was known as the “golden bird” in their early days.

    Nazi Gold Hoard discovered? Only picture 1 looks genuine/real.


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    I believe the world gold has more than 1 million tonnes. My ex company is a legal firm. I saw contracts for gold deals before. Last year my boss (a lawyer) drafted contracts for total of 480 000 metric tonnes gold.

    My boss represented a seller, and the golds sold to 12 buyers around the world. So, the data from World Gold Council is totally wrong. The world has much more gold than 160 000 metric tonnes.

    By common sense, we know the fact (world only has 160 000 MT gold) is wrong. if by size, 160 000 mt gold is only a cube with dimension 20 m x 20 m x 20 m.

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    Oh, and his lawyer writing personally contracts on 480,000 tons of gold last year......... at a rate of $1,100 per ounce, that is $16,975,200,000,000... that's right, almost 17 trillion dollars Wow, one, humble ol lawyer, handling 20% more than the entire USA GDP last year, and no ones even heard of him, or the insane amount of effect that would have on world economy, but no one noticed?..... I want to say something soooo bad right now, but I'll probably get banned if I write it..... why do people even think that our IQ is so low to just accept things they write like this... what, is the author like 12?

    As per official reports the total of all the mined gold in the world is 160,000 Tons to 200,000 Tons.