Dow Jones + World - Top Call = Tsunami approaching 600 mph

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trend-player, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Go SHORT the Dow NOW @ 10:31 AM Tuesday April 30, 2013

    Add to SHORT significantly when April 19th low is taken out by even a hair.

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    I didn't realize true "trend-players" generally tried calling tops and bottoms. But rather tried to participate in trends already in progress.
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  4. Bravo!

  5. tips are for waiters.
  6. Happy times!!!!! Shalom Bernanke's dance class is live and kicking.
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    One day there will be a top, the money printing has to stop, but it wont as the market and the economy have become to dependent on it...there is always is a top, but right now with BUBBLE ben bernanke printing as fast as he can there seems to be no top, one day though there will be and the fall will wipe out trillions from all around the world, Im telling you it will make the 2007 financial collapse look like nothing, the US is trillions of debt and all were doing is adding more and more, jobs arent being created fast enough while nearly 50 million people collect food stamps, the gap between rich and poor is the widest its ever been and only continues to stretch. But one day there will be a top and after the market falls faster than you can question how come, many will be scratching their heads saying how so? well if you have to ask that question you are a complete fool!
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    Wow! That was quick but good decision - Even HFT is not so fast! LOL :D
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    What cares about that? I just want BB to dance and get some money!
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