dow jones...will the happen again...?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by staticx, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. staticx


    dow jones...20 years ago...scary...
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  2. geetrain


    100% upside no risk :p
  3. Idiot! There is already a thread about this.

    There should be a rule that no one with less than fifty posts can create a thread.
  4. So, does that mean a chatterbox like you has the right to start a million threads?
  5. geetrain


    Someone's been cooking a batch of frownies

    He's long and scared :p
  6. This weekend we got a huge influx of newbies asking the same stupid 'Whats is trading?' type questions over and over. It has never been this bad.
  7. staticx


    you're so lame dude... so lame...

    Didn't visit that forum long time ago, in fact, I almost don't enter here... so when I post the thread, I didn't look at other threads and I thought that there's no thread like this one.

    take your anger somewhere else.

    oh.. and mr. stock trader, If you knew who I am, you wouldn't speak like that, but, I prefer to keep my alias.
  8. Here is another piece of info that shows the history of the post labor day weeks. No time to be long and wrong.
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  9. Cruzan


    Hey, I just came back from seeing that movie! :D
  10. plugger


    I think we should create a new section for experienced and seasoned 'traders' like stock trad3r. After reading some of his previous comments in other threads, it's very apparent that he is head and shoulders above anyone else posting here.

    His style and technique are beyond even the most sophisticated traders. His outrage that others should post is understandable. He is a giant in a land of mice.

    His 'buy and hope' approach is new and until he explained it, i never new this approach even existed. Unique and flawless. I hope that someday I may become even 1/10th the trader that he is.

    Oh wait a minute, he DOESN'T trade......
    #10     Sep 3, 2007