Dow Jones Industrials hits all time high, Gasoline prices plunge

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  1. These will be your news headlines in late October early November, expect it, because politicians are the most corrupt slime that walks the earth, right down their with wallstreet analysts.
  2. I will return here in late October and post the headlines for you, just watch and see how right I will prove to be.
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    Also they'll probably revise the economic numbers coming out now downward. Right after the election. "Ooops, we made a slight error." :D You're short now aren't you, seems like? Not me, although I'm not long either. Seems pretty bullish. But this week there's not much to trade off. No real earnings to move the greater market and no real significant economic numbers. Thus the narrow range. Seems like a good market to trade individual securities with some special story, like XMSR today which had a nice rebound off this mornings slight pullback.
  4. Okay I give, what is your point. Would you rather the Dow plunge and oil hit 100/barrel ? Or do you just hate this country because you can't seem to get ahead ?

  5. You seem to be more interested in being "right" than extracting moola. A good shrink that clear that right up.

    Dow hit 1000 in 1966 and several more occasions, but didn't convincly break out until August 1982. In between there was capitulation.

    Dow hit 11,000 in 1999. CNBC even had hats for the occasion. It's bumped up against it several times, including the present. Never had capitulation. Wall Street's function isn't capital formation, it's distributing paper. "They" don't want to buy it back. IF they have to, it's at wholesale to sell retail. Hmmm, plan on 2015.
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    You must have been waiting in vain for Bin Laden's capture on the eve of the 2006 election......
  7. I am very fortunate I have no debt except for an zero percent MBNA credit card with a $1600 balance, just paid off my Yukon got the title yesterday as a matter of fact, feels pretty good.

    I dont mean to be a pessimist but I would welcome a market plunge, thats were real opportunities are born. This market has been drifting for 3 years.

    Cant get ahead, I am not worried about getting ahead, more worried about my 15 year old son that might be drafted because of George Bushs revenge war against Saddam.
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    I agree. Strongly. IMO the Dow makes an all-time high this year (in the next few days or weeks) but I'll be selling into it.
  9. Now your thinking, that could be the clincher.

  10. I think you have alot to learn about politicians and the markets. Mind you I just said the Dow, not the SP, not the Naz, just the Dow because its easy to manipulate with just 30 stocks in the index, and its not far from its high. Its the headlines their after and the physiology of it.

    You mark my words the Dow will hit an all time high before election day, that you can take to the bank.
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