Dow Jones Energy news late again

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  1. Maybe they are being bought by freakin FOX because the DowJones Energy news desk cant get their shit together compared to Reuters.

    Complete story came out 30 minutes after Reuters had the complete text at approximimatly 11:15. Reuters came out at 10:45!!!


    NEW YORK, July 9 (Reuters) - BP Whiting has taken down the largest of three crude distillation units at its 410,000 barrel per day refinery in Whiting, Indiana, to fix a leak, sources familiar with refinery said on Monday. Work on the 325,000 barrel-per-day unit, which processes sweet crude oil, is unplanned, the source said, adding that the unit was brought down slowly which allowed stockpiling of barrels to feed the gasoline-making catalytic cracking unit. The refinery also has two smaller crude distillation units which have been down for several months for planned work. (Reporting by Janet McGurty)