Dow is back to zero

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Pekelo, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Pekelo


    The DOW is officially back to zero at this moment, just where it started the year. That is a giant Doji on the annual chart and doesn't look good for the next year.
  2. More UP room to go baby!
    Bad news is good news in this market. Buy the dip!
  3. tamree


    i am waiting for my stock to break the base .. preferably with high volume and get out. i dont see the room for the market to go higher. i am playing for a short rally for my stock to hook up with the dow. if volume doesnt pick to the upside early next year, i will go short. happy trading guys.
  4. PPT
  5. Today was ridiculas. S&P down 1% and PPT team don't do anything, maybe hung over from Christmas. Bears raid wall street at the start of the most important week of the year. This market never met an inverted yeild curve it didn't like, no excuses for this selloff.
  6. In this market the S&P being down 1% constitutes a crash, PPT failed bigtime. Maybe i'm speaking too soon 15 minutes still to go.
  7. volatility killing monkey hedge fund managers also failed bigtime to kill the volatility.
  8. :confused: A nice orderly 1% bleed down on low volume is hardly a "crash".
  9. mhashe


    Maybe cause it was'nt a real sell off. This looked more like a flush than a selloff. They're getting rid of the weak longs, watch how they jack this thing up after new years and flush out the shorts. I think DJIA will see high 11K area before the inevitable sell-off.
  10. Pekelo


    We tend to be on the same page. I am guessing a 11100 by January 10th, and after that a big Hello Dolly...
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