Dow Industrials will be the poster child for Republicans

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Aaron Copland, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Just like 2006 when the Dow was making all time highs just in time for the 06 elections. Republicans still lost. So here we go into the final two months and you can bet the Dow because its easy to manipulate will rally off these lows.

    So right now the Dow is at 11640 mark that down, come November 4th we will be well over 12000.
  2. Another "conspiracy" theory by a paper-trader on ET.
    Go figure.
  3. clacy


    There are definately a lot of wacky people on ET. Where they dream up stuff like this, I have no idea.
  4. Yes, the republicans are manipulating the equity markets, UFOs are real and the earth is flat.
  5. Watch and learn, ye of little faith. This economic system runs on the political wheels of corruption.
  6. Makes total sense.
    According to your logic, the REPUBLICANS created the Sub-Prime mess to make sure that a Democrat gets elected President.
  7. What I am watching here is a papertrader posting thread after thread in the Trading forum about his ridiculous conspiracy theories of how the markets are rigged by politicians. Fantasizing much?
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    I love it when bozos are called out as papertraders and they cant refute they are papertraders.They just take the bitchslap.Another clown to put on ignore list.
  9. Re '06 elections. Mid term elections are unusually bullish regardless of Dem or Rep's w/l.