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    Its just a Chart - Interpretation is always subjective.

    I don't wat this to happen ... however, our psychology always resist to believe things that are on the contrarian side. Just like we did not believe we will be back to the current levels when we were around 8K-9K range.

    - Commodities (speculators dont want physical delivery of anything) will dump if panic sinks in
    - Outlook has started to either stablize or look negative
    - 52 week highs are continuing to grow fewer
    - Unemployment at lows
    - treauries are diverging and getting lift
    - QE's will stop
    - CASH will seep out of Markets to build Japan
    - 2012 ;) ... i hope not

    Lets just hope we Blow past last highs and fly to 20K... O well..I wanna be ready ...just in case.
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