Dow Hits Below 6,600: I Am Vidicated!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by landman, Mar 5, 2009.

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    A while ago I submitted one of only a handful of posts to the board regarding my prediction that the DOW would hit between 6,500 and 6,000.

    Instead of paying attention to the limited number of posts, the basis to my prediction I was overlooked.

    As the market is now reaching what I call a true bottom, I expect the violent swings in the market to begin settling down.

    If you are inclined, please feel free to take a look at my original post here.
  2. timbo


    Oh the joy of paper trading.
  3. chit chat
  4. what does paper trading have anything to do with the prediction of the Dow trading here?

    wtf is with all the fucking jerk offs on this site?! If you're not a complete moron, you just hate on every other post.
  5. I remember shocking some folks when I was saying I believed S&P would hit 650 back in early November.

    It was "non-actionable" gut feel, but I was farely convinced. But since I rarely ever "predict", it remained on the sidelines.

    Been getting a couple calls this week as 650 draws near....still feel sick for the folks down over 50% in 401Ks etc...really a shity thing to deal with.

    Too bad I didn't act on it for a position trade (not my style anyway).

    But then again, I could have easily had a gut feel for S&P 2000, LOL!
  6. timbo


    It's the proclamation; does the dow stop here because the OP is sic [vindicated.]
  7. Nice call landman...."actionable" was my problem.

    Loved reading the bashers in your original thread (Jan 09).

    People need to lighten up a bit. ANything is possible:

    Buffet could die broke.

    India could be the world's superpower in 20 years.

    Yellowstone could erupt.

    Anything is possible one way or the other.
  8. I have to agree SCI to many haters on this site, All that most people on here can do is critizise or complain. Kinda like the rest of the wonder we are we are...:(
  9. So one calls 6500. Plenty of calls for 5000 even 4000 out there.

    Where is the call for the Stock Market's End? Not going to zero but a pure sidways from the bottom move for a decade?

    There are a lot of "Traders" living in Lala land right now.
  10. Sorry - metal head placing "his" music here - only if you are a fan of metal/slasher (slasher==greatest guitarists!!!) than listen to Judgement Day!!!
    OK, to be honest - this is "Christian metal" - still the fastest chops I have ever heard are from this guy - listen to "Rat Race" (unfortunately mispelled under Impelliteri on youtube!) !!!

    Reminds me of the markets these days!

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