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  1. Are the futures at all a good indicator for what the next trading day will bring? Also, I see the Dow futures are down like 180 points:

    Is that a misprint? Or an indication of a really bad day on Friday?
  2. 200 plus to be exact. Quite honestly if that's a questio you have to ask I might look for a new hobby. Dubai.
  3. Yeah, just saw the Dubai news. I was away from the computer most of the day yesterday and today, and when I came back the first thing I noticed was the Dow Futures.

    Not until after that post did I actually check the news.
  4. 500 points drop is a likely scenario for starters

    more downside ahead

    the world is bust

    and the tax payer has to bail out every body

    the governments keep spending money they dont have while the central banks keep printing money out of thin air

    countries are on the verge of bankruptcy

    currencies are not trusted anymore

    people and central banks are replacing their reserves with gold

    in sum, we're fucked
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    Here it comes Bylow, all those fundamental news stories may come home roost. See how the dollar does here. People have been movin to yen.
  6. Can someone fill me in here. I was looking at this news Wen nov 25th around 8am EST. Market was up 30 points. What changed in last 24 hours, other the the cost to insure the debt of a UAE country?
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    keith nothing really changed . as you said the news was out on wed and nobody cared.Its just an excuse to crush a mkt that has ignored massive bad news for months on end such as the fdic being negative $8 bil in the hole. Last night somebody decided to use the dubia news to start the ball rolling and here we are.
  8. Guess its easy to get the markets rolling over on no volume from the usa.
    who knows, Dubai could be the BSC of last year, get a bail out from JPM and fed, just as Dubai will have the UAE as there backstop. I guess the only concern is after BSC then 6 months later. I guess the question is What country is the LEH? and will the price of insurance to insure the debt of countries be the indicator of what country to be the next shoe to drop. Or is this just a blip
  9. Black Friday stocks sales everybody. Come and get your cheap specials today before stores close at 1:00 EST
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    You know it! When are you going to change your name to KINGOFLONGS? Shorting is so '08.
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