DOW futures down 347

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by KCalhoun, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. KCalhoun

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    Ok so it's not a lot but it's a start..

    Who else is going short into the weekend? Or, who is bullish?

    Regardless of tomorrow's price action I'll be buying inverses for next week's bloodbath. I could be wrong. Then again I made 1 top call here in 14 years on Jan 24th and nailed it.

    Btw a famous talking head today said don't short an oversold market. He also said to buy gold a month ago, before it got crushed.. lol. #booyahbs

    Pick ur side ladies, be thy bulls or bears? Only people who really trade need answer, :p

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  2. Overnight


    This is the second time I've seen you mention that call in 2 days. Ease off.

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  3. KCalhoun

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    Ok. Agree. Good point. MIB is funny

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  4. hafez50


    Beat you to it . Loaded soxs at $16.29 avg today. I was so amazed the sox is 22% off its highs and soxs is back at its all time lows . Crazy
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  5. KCalhoun

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    True, I bought a bit too, 52w lo in SOXS is way tf oversold. Bought a bit of TWS SQQQ TVIX VXX to round the bear port out, will be buying more tomorrow, maybe SPXS SDOW too
  6. Pekelo


    With this volatility and overnight swings, we could open up 300 points. That being said I sold vertical calls this afternoon.

    This is not an oversold market anymore. It was at 2200...
  7. Noone123


    Was short yesterday with expected dip today. If it comes a day later, then, I am still good. The VIX goes down slowly with the rally but will explore with a big I can still come out a head with a retrace of the same magnitude.
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  8. KCalhoun

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    Update 11:30pm now -200, fri am could be anywhere

    Absolutely true, we could be up or down 1k tomorrow morning. Loving the volatility, this market is like a supermodel in a nightclub lol.

    Target = 1750 easy. Oversold = 1400
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  9. All in calls
  10. Here4money


    You really think the bottom is 22? Or was that just your short term support?
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