Dow Futures Down 271

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  1. S&P's down 38

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    Not to worry, our resident perma bull assures us we're STILL in a bull market AND we will close green Monday.
  3. that perma bull will be taking our orders at the drive thru window at taco bell;mark my words. i don't even go to taco bell but will just to see that idiot screw up everyones order.
  4. I keep a record of what the S&P Futures are at at the open. The lowest I have recorded is 37.90 on 1/22/2008. I did not trade the open that day because I generally do not trade numbers that I have never seen before.
  5. I think its time for big Ben to literally rent a chopper and start throwing money out on the streets. He's tried everything else to no avail. What a clueless baffoon that man really is.
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    wait do all the perma bulls think that the federal reserve rate cuts will save the markets, Foolsssssssssssssss.



    LOOK AT the EURO

    LOOK AT THE DOLLAR collapse....

    I think its time to give up and let the market take its own course, they have stepped in too many times, these injections and rate cuts should come to end soon.
  7. I see it @ -359 (11711)
  8. I made a mistake reading my charts, the futures were down 53.20 on the open that day, it was the next day they opened down 37.90.
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    Yeah but OPEC is going to apologize on Monday for overcharging everyone and issue rebates for charges over $50 a barrel and promise to cap prices at that level. :)

    Also you forgot to mention the wars have nothing to do with how the economy is doing. GW, one of the world's great all time economic thinkers said so.
  10. Futures are down but not by much. Will rebound, so not worried. We're still in a bull market.
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