Dow Futs Down 54 Points Already....Oh, Wait, That's the SnP

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Asparagus, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. I wish I didn't go long on friday...good trading to us all today.
  2. :D LMAO
  3. Watch our leaders in panic mode tomorrow.
  4. "Leaders"... a term loosely used.
  5. wow. They are cleaning people out
  6. maybe we can get a bigger rebate check .

    I thought that US markets were closed today, if so those numbers will be + by tomorrows open.
  7. On the 9th of August of last year, the futures were down 28.60 at the open. I do not have a record, only my memory of what they were down at the open after closing for days because of 9/11. But I believe it was less than that and around a -25 points.
  8. gotta wonder if asia takes a beating today,the fed steps in to save the day.
  9. why do people hold positions over holiday trading ???? long or short !!!!!!!!
  10. I always hold positions over weekends and holidays. Always depends on what money management and position sizing technique you subscribe to.
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