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  1. Does anyone trade these here. What is one contract worth?
    What is minimum account fee?
    Do you get much slippage?
    Any other opinions advice etc please feel free
  2. mmuloin


    The contract multiplier is 5X
    The minimum account deposit depends on your broker.
    There is more slippage than with the ES or NQ; the volume is much less (approx. 25 - 30K contracts/day).

  3. H2O


    Only use limit orders, spread to to big to use other orders
    Point value on YM = $5,- (There's also a $2,- contract but this has even less vol)

    Hope this helps,
  4. josbarr


    Coming on Strong - Mini-Sized Dow Jumps to a New Record Level
    CBOT® mini-sized DowSM futures jumped to a new record level on February 6, trading 35,464 contracts. Traders large and small have flocked to the100% electronic mini-sized Dow to make it one of the fastest growing contracts in the history of the CBOT. The CBOT mini-sized Dow, which trades almost around the clock, offers users low margins and excellent liquidity.
  5. toby400


    Thanks for the commercial josbar but what do the traders out there think of this contract?

    Has the Dow $5 got a future (pun intended)?


  6. I traded it during the fourth qtr because commission where cut in 1/2 @ IB.

    Still needs more liquidity but the volume is coming on strong now. It wasn't too long ago that the nq's only traded 10k a day.
  7. bone


    Why do people post exerpts from exchange propaganda machines and take them as gospel ? Especially from the CBOT ? (Where I'm a seat holder)
  8. Well, he does work for a futures broker (if I remember correctly). Perhaps some ET viewer will decide to trade the Dow E-Minis, and PM him about opening an account. New accounts mean more commission business for his firm. I could be wrong, I suppose.
  9. "(There's also a $2,- contract but this has even less vol)"

    now there is only the YM with the 5$ multiplier per point tick
  10. Thanks everyone. I'm new to futures and just need to get it right in my mind. If I want to buy a contract with the market trending long strongly. What price am I likely to be filled at?
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