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    Thought it might be good to start a thread to watch how the Dow eminis go - certainly they are covering all bases with a $20- and $50 contract - and with fungibility between all the contracts - would be great if volume builds - as long as it does not take it away from the emini S&P and Nasdaq

    if institutions who have historially just traded the big contracts, are starting to take advantage of transparency of electronic trading - these new eminis should offer them some good advantages - against them also trading DOW 30 stocks

    anyone from an institution know if their company will start targeting them
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    the institutions that i know already trade them.

    fyi, there will also be a program with assigned market makers for after hours trading with spreads something like 10 ticks wide (sounds like alot but a tick a two in the dow stocks overnight is more than 10 dow points)
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    as of this month- there will be 2 electonic dow emini contracts - a $20 and a $50 and they are fungible with themselves and the main electronic contract
  4. Thanks, I finally figured out what these guys are talking about.
  5. Am I correct that at IB we must subscribe to another data service for $30 a month in order to get quotes on the Dow emini?
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    you can get the eminis for a while for free - all other contracts on CBOT have to be paid for
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    all CBOT mini-contracts are free ...
  8. No problem with TS6 (Tradestation), all Mini-Contracts (CBOT) without exchange fee (ACE / 30$).

    Big problem with IB: They want me to pay exchange fee (ACE / 30$).

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    just wondering if the free emini quotes are in operation yet, as i think the start date is april 6th - could this be the problem with IB?

    although IB seem to be saying they know of the offer, but are not in a position to offer it

    one issue with TS is that they are offering a charting setup and a trading platform, and as i have already queried in the past - is the data on their trading platform - the same data as on their charting? and if as i believe it should be the case that they are different - are they offering the free emini data on both

    at any rate, the whole point of the CBOT offering free emini quotes is to up the liquidity - so i don't get why there would be an issue with IB anyway?
  10. Mini-Dow comes in two flavors: YJ (2$, not new), YM (5$, new). Should be able to see YJ quotes on IB TWS.
    Order entry for futures is not integrated into TS6. It is webbased, see Lind-Connect at
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