Dow Emini: how tradable is it?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by wally_, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. I am considering starting trading YM. I know that the volume for this instrument is not as big as for ES or NQ, but it's been getting bigger and bigger lately.

    I would like to know how tradable YM is for small lot traders using 2-4 contracts and trading either in the morning or afternoon when the volume is at its greatest. I mean by that, how good fills can you get for your stop, limit or market orders.

    For stop and limit orders on ES one can usually get fills 1 tick away from the intended price if not exactly at the price, but I am not sure if that is the case with YM.

    I would appreciate replies from those who trade YM.

  2. sammybea


    for anyone on info, i would also be grateful. thinking to try something else besides the ES/NQ
  3. Miki


    I’ve been trading YM almost from day one. It is not an easy instrument to trade (but what is?).

    Due to its relatively wide spread and low liquidity there is usually a slight slippage on stop orders.

    It takes a while to get used to it. But once you do – it can be easier to read than ES or NQ.

    Learn to trade using larger that one-minute time frames!

    In the beginning, avoid trading it at the start of the day and keep an eye on the news events – the moves can be fast and furious.

    On the positive note, I don’t recall ACE ever having any problems (unlike GLOBEX) and the stop orders are native.

    PM me if you need any more info.
  4. josbarr


    Due to its relatively wide spread and low liquidity there is usually a slight slippage on stop orders.

    We trade everyday and found 1-2 point spreads and good fiils.
    A/C/E is very stable as well.
  5. opm8


    Considering that the beloved ES has shown ridiculously low volume lately I can't see YM being anything close to tradable.

  6. josbarr


    Is 543,000 is ridiculously low?
  7. I gather you don't really trade it. Neither do I yet, but judging by the numbers (volume per minute) its not that bad. I trade 1-3 contracts of ES only and would not trade more in YM, so that probably should not be a problem. Just wanted to know how good the fills were.
  8. McCloud


    YM spread and liquidity has been getting much better lately. I think it is a lot more tradable than it used to be...
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    Well I hope I'm wrong on this one, Wally (no, I don't trade it, either). Looking at a YM chart for the past few weeks I can see that at least the volume has been more consistent unlike the daily U pattern of the ES. It's prolly worth looking more closely at (especially since I'm mad at the ES right now. :) )

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    Don't get mad, opm8, get even!

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