Dow emini and next week/expirations/passover

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  1. Hello,

    as a YM intraday trader, I am wondering the following about next week.:

    1. What is the best day to start trading the June contract rather then the March one. So far despite expiration next Friday, the March still has less chop and better volume?

    2. As a newcomer to live intraday trading, this will be my first expiration week. Any advice on whether and how Thursday or Friday should be traded?

    3. As a semi observant Jewish person, I prefer not to trade on religous holidays. I know that not much happens on Yom Kipour, so it is fine to miss that day for trading. From anyone's experience how is the market effected on passover?

  2. 1) The term "Rollover" is what you need understand. Here is the CMEGroup calendar which applies to YM...

    2) Your broker/clearing agent will at the very least "discourage" you from trading ANY contract on LTD(Last Trade Date). Your broker/clearing agent may even prevent you from trading such contracts.

    3) You will likely notice less volume. Noticable, but not necessarily unreasonable. If you believe volume is or has been a key element for market direction or movement over the last couple of years, (or weeks), that may be meaningful for you.
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    being of jewish faith you know which holidays are observed, those most important tend to be lower volume or less volatile days in the markets,as for being a new trader,you might skip triple witching expirations altogether as the rebalancing of positions has little to do with the rhyme or reason used to trade at other times throughout the year,in other words more surpises