Dow Down 200, Nasdaq -60, S&p-30!!!!

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  1. It will be one wild ride today, the sh***T finally hits the fan, slower growth and higher inflation.
  2. As always I see zero risk, index dip buyers will prevail :D
  3. oh yeah......long 1000 shares QID at 53.00 since Monday. And yes I am taking on aspiring traders who want to pay for mentoring/tutoring advice, so p.m. me if you are interested in learning from the master.
  4. Keep calling it ... you'll be right one day
  5. Hmm you already give away your timing wisdom for free in these threads, no need to pay!!! :p
  6. Don't 'Master traders' usually buy more than a mere 1000 shares?:D
  7. DIVERSIFICATION IS YOUR FIRST LESSON MY SON.......BUT you will have to pay for future lessons, and more complicated trading strategies.
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    GDP at 3.5%, that is well above estimates. Forget about any rate cuts for quite a while. There is no need to even mention a rate cut. I actually think they will be raising rates over the next 3-6 months.
  9. This one just might end up working. Let's see where the Advance-Decline goes this morning.
  10. with the rise in beef, corn, wheat, imput costs your previous 100.00 weekly grocery bill will be 125.00 by march--------inflation is everywhere, just look at your electricity bill.

    housing and auto`s getting killed.

    tight labor markets=higher imput costs for companies.
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