Dow Crash Thru 10,000

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  1. How big a psychological factor would be the Dow crashing thru the 10,000 level?

    1. massive crash triggered to under 8,000 - the blackest of "Black days."

    2. massive buying opportunity turns the market into a bull run up to 12,000.

    3. *yawn* no effect, just another day of fluctuations.
  2. possibly #3...boards have been eerily silent about the prospect of a crash when compared with April of this year. The Black Monday yelps were popping on this board at a rate of one a minute.
  3. alright then let me add a number 4.

    4. what do you think could most realistically set off a full-blown crash?
  4. lol. thats would people do on this site.

    they "yelp". lol, thanks, i needed some humour today.
  5. more yelping.

    maybe "winging" is a more apt word.
  6. Most of the market crahes in recent years have proved to be buying oppertunities.

    The markets will allways be around, in this present climate it would be reasonable for the markets to sell off quite a bit - perhaps a big bit would be better, then a super-bull run will ensue.
  7. whatever.
  8. It is good that you are unaware of your womans 'extra activities' for this would make you lose concentration on the market.
  9. sure.
  10. If America goes into another country like Iran or Jordan.

    If a political scandal causes American consumers to lose confidence in the current administration.

    Breakout of Asian bird flu in America
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