Dow chemicals and rohm and hass trading today, CNBC gasirino :)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by mahram, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. made todays trading in dow and roh incredible, I cant belieave how he screwed over so many arbs today.
  2. _Tree_


    so is ROH expected to open up down or up from where it at?
  3. down 10-20 points,since no deal for roh, and dow back up 40-50 cents.

  4. I think Paulson & Co. has a huge position in ROH. They cleaned up nicely it seems.
  5. _Tree_


    how long is this thing going to be haulted for. Will it open up today
  6. Moron.
  7. DOW/ROH has been resolved (reuters).

    DOW will pay $78 per share.
  8. promagma


    Laser is showing aftermarket trades and bids/offers on ARCA

    is this still halted or what?