Dow based instrument cheaper than YM?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by abe12345, Oct 25, 2008.

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    Hello. I currently trade YM, but do not want to risk more than $50 a trade, which is difficult to do in these volatile times. Are there any Dow based instruments that will allow me to trade with wider stops but risk $50 per trade. I looked into DIA but I don't have the required 25K to daytrade it.
  2. 1) Being undercapitalized sucks.
    2) Does still have a micro-mini contract? :confused:
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  4. you should stay out of the market, get a job, save money, reserve 10k out of your savings that you can trade, and give it a go.
    you're wasting your time
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    One YM = 500sh of DIA.
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    You still have to have a 25k account minimum to daytrade SSF.
  7. I think you're allowed one or two trades per day with less than $25,000. Why don't you just pick the best setup you see each day and only trade it? If you want to trade more than once per day, use a simulator, IB has a really good one.
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    According to:

    "Please note that Futures contracts, Futures Options and Single Stock Futures are not included in the SEC Day Trade rule."
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    Thanks. If single stock futures are not a good alternative I may do that. :)
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