DOW at ~ 8250 (cash equivalent) is The Bottom!

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  1. I stayed late to witness it. I called it the bottom. Good starting entry for retirement accounts/investors with longer time frame (but who would not mind taking a quick 10% profit if market goes up quick).

    RFT's blog readers will live to hate me if I am wrong, or to .....

    PS: futures at now at 8271ish.
  2. Could you guys say something about my market call? I want to go get some sleep.
  3. making calls is gay. leave your ego out of it and youll be a better trader.
  4. Thanks, but all my calls have been right when I make them here. This is a lucky place for me.
  5. So, how much money have you made today on long side? What was the high on the cash DOW?
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    stop yapping and post a screenshot of your u have the courage of your convictions?
  7. What is the problem? R U jeoulous that I get it right again?

    PS: this bottom has nothing to do with world leaders, and all of that. The market never lies--use that as a principle for prediction.
  8. STFU. Calls are for suckers.
  9. If they are wrong calls. But when they are right calls, they are great.

    What do you think?
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    you do know there is a thread dedicated to bottom calling, right?
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