DOW 8000 or 9500 or both lie ahead ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Aug 11, 2002.

  1. I am curious if most traders think we

    will hit both targets in the next few weeks / months ?

    or if we reach one that might reduce the possibility

    of us returning to the other target by a huge % ?
  2. swing


    try nasdaq instead. bottom should be near. it's trying to catch SP.
  3. it seems to be lagging much more than DOW and SP500

    compared to prior rallies of the bear market lows

    if the cubes are above 24 1/2 and nasdaq 1350 by wed close

    I will say the worst could be behind them for the week
  4. qqq underperformance relative to spy & dia to this point could disappear as it plays catchup, or it could be a more serious tell. Unless you are one of those % players as opposed to a pt/trade player, I say it doesn't matter, stay with strength and trade the strength in the large cap NYSE stocks. Why risk your money on at best a 50/50 bet on the NDX. Put up 4 week charts of the big caps and you'll see my point.